Monthly Bulletin – October 2001

State of California

Gray Davis, Governor

Business Transportation and Housing Agency
Maria Contreras-Sweet, Secretary

Department of Financial Institutions

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Monthly Bulletin

Volume 5, Number 4

October, 2001

DFI Licensees Directed to Comply with OFAC

On September 23, 2001, President George W. Bush issued an Executive Order targeting terrorists by blocking property of and prohibiting transactions with persons who commit, threaten to commit, or support terrorism. These names have been added to the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals and Block Persons list under the Order. These assets need to be blocked with immediate notice given to OFAC. The complete text of the Order is available at and includes a list of all persons specifically identified to pose a significant risk to national security and the economy of the United States.

The Department of Financial Institutions expects its licensees to already have procedures in place to guard against transactions that are banned by OFAC. Please review your procedures to assure that you are in compliance with OFAC’s directions. In addition, please review the list and your transaction records for entries associated with these names. You are directed to report any transactions of the past or any current attempts to conduct financial transactions immediately to OFAC’s hotline at 1-800-540-6322 and to notify the Department of Financial Institutions of any reports you make to OFAC.

Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act

The Department would like to direct financial institutions’ attention to the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act that requires a lender to lower its interest rate to 6% on loans made to qualified borrowers prior to their entry to military service. The 6% interest rate is to remain in effect throughout the borrower’s term of active duty. Any person on active duty in the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and the Coast Guard; any officer of the Public Health Service on active duty with the armed forces; and any U.S. citizen serving with the armed forces of any allied nation is entitled to relief under the Act. A lender’s rights to collect a debt (including from a cosigner or guarantor) and liquidate collateral also are restricted under the Act. Provisions of the Act can be found at 50 U.S.C. Appendix, Sections 501-592, and also are available on the web sites of the armed forces (e.g.,

California Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Program

The California Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Program is a system to deliver food stamp and cash assistance benefits via a state-issued debit card. EBT will provide access to cash benefits at a wide network of POS and ATM locations.

Beginning in 2002, many Californians who are participating in the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility for Kids (CalWORKs) program will begin receiving their cash benefits directly through EBT.

EBT will provide economic development potential for expanded electronic commerce in traditionally underserved communities. It will provide a stepping-stone for families receiving government assistance to become familiar with financial services as they move toward self-sufficiency.

An EBT Fact Sheet is attached providing additional information about the new program. More information can also be found at In addition, the federal government also maintains a similar program for the distribution of federal benefits. Interested parties should call 888-382-3311. On the Web, go to or

California Escheat Amnesty Reminder

The escheat amnesty period in California ends on December 31, 2001. Code of Civil Procedure Section 1577.5 provides that companies can avoid the 12% interest obligation for failing to escheat property that was required to be reported on or before November 1, 1999 by reporting and paying the property to the Controller on or before December 31, 2001. Institutions should conduct an audit of their current and past practices to ensure that they are in compliance with the law (e.g., with respect to outstanding vendor checks, shareholder distributions, uncashed employee checks, deposits, securities, safe deposit box contents, refunds and the like).

Monthly Activity Report

Commercial Bank Activity



New Bank



Napa Community Bank
Proposed Location: Northwest corner of Trancas and Big Ranch Road, Napa, Napa County
Correspondent: Cristin Reid English
Executive Vice President
First California Northern Bancorp
200 Washington Square North
Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: (602) 955-6100 or (517) 487-6555
Approved: 10/2/01



Conversion to State Charter



San Luis Trust Bank, FSB, San Luis Obispo, to convert to a state-chartered bank under the name San Luis Trust Bank
Withdrawn: 10/16/01






American Commercial Bank, Ventura with and into Mid-State Bank & Trust, Arroyo Grande
Effected: 9/28/01

BYL Bank Group, Orange, with and into First Bank & Trust, San Francisco
Approved: 10/24/01

Capitol Thrift & Loan, Napa, with and into Capitol Valley Bank, Roseville
Filed: 10/18/01

Charter Pacific Bank, Agoura Hills, with and into First Bank & Trust, San Francisco
Approved: 10/11/01
Effected: 10/16/01

Imperial Bank, Inglewood, with and into Comerica Bank-California, San Jose
Effected: 9/28/01

Valley Oaks National Bank, Solvang with and into Montecito Bank & Trust, Montecito
Effected: 10/01/01



Acquisition of Branch Office



Bank of Granada Hills, Granada Hills to acquire the Burbank office of First Coastal Bank, N.A., El Segundo
Approved: 10/9/01
Effected: 10/26/01

Vineyard Bank, Rancho Cucamonga to acquire the LaVerne Office of Pacific Business Bank, Santa Fe Springs
Approved: 10/12/01

Industrial Bank Activity



Sale of Partial Business Unit



Fremont Investment and Loan, Anaheim, California, to sell the Modesto Branch, located at 3400 Tully Road, Modesto, to Guaranty Federal Bank F.S.B, Dallas, Texas
Effected: 10/13/00

Foreign Bank Activity



Foreign (Other Nation) Bank – To Establish Offices



Development Bank of Singapore, Ltd.
445 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles
(Wholesale Branch)
(in connection with the transformation of the Depositary Agency to a Wholesale Branch)
Expired: 11/22/00



Foreign (Other State Bank) – Discontinuance of Facility Office



Merrill Lynch Trust Company
101 California Street, Suite 310, San Francisco, San Francisco County
(Facility—Non-Insured Bank)
Discontinued: 10/1/01

Neuberger Berman Trust Company
1999 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 2050, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
(Facility—Non-Insured Bank)
Discontinued: 10/1/01

Credit Union Activity



Conversion to State Charter



Matadors Federal Credit Union, Northridge as Matadors Community Credit Union
Opened: 9/6/01

Silverado Federal Credit Union, Angwin
Approved: 9/27/01

Transmitters of Money Abroad Activity



New Transmitter



Dollars Express International, Inc.
13916 Brookhurst Street
Garden Grove, CA 92843
(714) 590-6162
Contact person: Jeannie Vo
Opened: 10/26/01

Extar Company
Withdrawn: 10/10/01

Girosol Corp
Approved: 10/3/01

Meest Corporation
Approved: 6/21/01


Commissioner of Financial Institutions

Bulletin for month ended
October, 2001, issued pursuant
to Financial Code, Section 258

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