Department of Financial Institutions Launches New Web Site for Consumers of California’s Financial Institutions

Dec 17, 2002

Sacramento – The Davis Administration today announced that the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) has introduced a redesigned Web site to better serve customers of California’s financial institutions and California’s financial institutions as well.

“The new Web site provides an improved and valuable channel of communication between state regulators, licensees and consumers. The Administration’s vision continues to focus on developing business systems that meet the changing needs of our institutions, our employees, and the public,” said DFI Commissioner Donald R. Meyer.

The site offers new features specifically designed to serve the needs of the state’s financial institutions and consumers; including a listing of the all institutions licensed by the state; a Consumer Services section with information on DFI’s Consumer Information Desk, consumer brochures and FAQs; and a Licensee Services area with the forms and information necessary to conduct business in the most efficient means possible.

Visit the redesigned Financial Institutions Web site at:

Department of Financial Institutions

DFI licenses and supervises approximately 700 (including 187 banks, 218 credit unions) financial institutions. The Department is responsible for administering State laws regulating state-licensed banks, state-licensed savings and loans, state-licensed trust companies, state-licensed offices of foreign banks, issuers of travelers checks and payment instruments (money orders), transmitters of money abroad, state-licensed credit unions, and state-licensed industrial banks. The Department reports to Maria Contreras-Sweet, Secretary of the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency and Governor Gray Davis.