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Aftermarket Escrow/Agreed Escrow

Jan 22, 2014

The Department of Business Oversight has been notified that a company illegally offering escrow services to consumers in connection with the sale of their timeshares in Mexico is falsely claiming to be the company “Aftermarket Escrow” or “Agreed Escrow,” with a San Francisco phone number of (415) 613-6013. Agreed Escrow, formerly known as Aftermarket Escrow, is a licensed escrow company operating in Los Angeles, California with a phone number (310) 909-7900.  Agreed Escrow, formerly Aftermarket Escrow, is not involved in the illegal solicitations being made to these consumers.  The Aftermarket Escrow and/or Agreed Escrow with phone number (415) 613-6013 is not licensed to conduct escrow activity by the California Department of Business Oversight. The Department advises consumers that using a licensed escrow company affords protections under state law related to disclosures, fees and protection of funds, and provides recourse should there be a dispute with the lender. California consumers should contact the Department of Business Oversight to check on the licensing of all companies, investments or other financial services they are considering.  That can be done by visiting the financial services licensee listing or calling the Department’s toll-free Consumer Services Office at (866) 275-2677.