260.102.14. Limited Offering Exemption Notice of Transaction

Section 260.102.14: Limited Offering Exemption Notice Of Transaction.

  1. An issuer who conducts a transaction under section 25102(f) of the Code shall file a notice with the Commissioner as follows:
    1. If in connection with the transaction the issuer is filing a notice with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to section 4(6) of the Securities Act of 1933 or Regulation D (Rule 230.503), the notice may be a copy of the form first filed pursuant to those provisions. The fee required by section 25608(c) of the Code must accompany the filing. Each issuer (other than a California corporation) must also file a consent to service of process (Form 260.165), unless it already has a consent to service on file with the Commissioner. The filing should be accompanied with a cover letter indicating that the filing is pursuant to section 25102(f), and if a consent to service is not included, a statement that the issuer already has a consent to service on file with the Commissioner.
    2. Unless a notice is filed pursuant to paragraph (1), the notice shall be filed electronically through the Internet process made available by the Department on www.dfpi.ca.gov. If the issuer claims the exception under subsection (f), the notice shall be in the form and contain the information specified by subsection (c) and in accordance with the instructions in subsection (d).
  2. A notice required by this section shall be filed with the Commissioner no later than 15 calendar days after the first sale of a security in the transaction in this state. No notice is required if none of the securities offered are purchased in this state.
  3. Form of Notice. The following form is to be used for transactions covered by subsection (a)(2) that are subject to the hardship exception to electronic filing under subsection (f):
    1. Limited Offering Exemption Notice (Form) – 25102(f) (PDF)