Debt Collection Advisory Committee

In April, the Department announced the creation of its inaugural debt collection advisory committee, a seven-member board that will provide critical feedback to the Department as it stands up its debt collection licensing program. The diverse group includes a consumer advocate and representatives from the debt collection, debt-buying, third-party collection, and collection law industries. The committee will advise Acting Commissioner Christopher S. Shultz on matters related to the debt collection business, including proposed fee schedules and other requirements.

Meeting Information

Committee Members

The committee members were appointed by former Commissioner Manuel P. Alvarez for two-year terms pursuant to Financial Code Section 100025 of the Debt Collection Licensing Act (DCLA).

The committee members represent a cross-section of interested candidates; five are industry representatives, one is a consumer advocate, and one is a law and economics professor who studies the industry. The committee includes the following members:

Elizabeth Gonzalez, Public Law Center
Scott Hyman, Severson & Werson
Mark Naiman, Absolute Resolutions Corporation
Cindy Yaklin, States Recovery Systems Inc.
Tamar Yudenfreund, Midland Credit Management
Ohad Samet, TrueAccord Corporation
Prasad Krishnamurthy, UC Berkeley School of Law

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