5 Essential Principles to Communicate Effectively With Californians

Our 5 Essential Principles to Communicate Effectively With Californians are inspired by those created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), but adapted for a California audience.


1. Know Your Community and Speak Their Language
Everyone’s financial situation, challenges or goals are different. Instead of adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, you can have a more meaningful impact by tailoring programs to meet your community’s specific needs. If language assistance is required, our DFPI outreach team offers in-language support to help communicate with California’s diverse population. 

2. Provide Actionable, Relevant, and Timely Information
People are more likely to retain information if it’s shared at a time that coincides with their financial decision-making. For example, if someone is considering retirement investing or a home purchase, it’s best to share relevant information during the period they’re considering their options. The DFPI has a wide variety of information on different financial situations Californians encounter, like buying a home, paying off debt, saving for retirement, and more.

3. Improve Key Financial Skills for All Audiences
Don’t just share financial education information to select groups or without explanation. Help everyone in your community understand investment topics and how they can act with the information they’ve received. If you work within an immigrant or low-income community, share any programs or services available to help advance their financial literacy, such as the DFPI’s free online financial education courses.

4. Encourage Those You Serve and Build on That Motivation
Investing can feel out of reach for many, especially those for whom English is a second language or among our immigrant and older adult populations. You can help guide them away from outside influences to focus more on their own unique values and goals. This helps overcome obstacles, build confidence, and stay on track. Let your community know that the DFPI is a great place to start for information on various financial matters.

5. Make It Easier to Make Good Decisions
Help the people you work with follow through on their decisions by understanding the forces in their lives. If someone has expenses, is financially supporting others, or even has student loans to pay off, help them budget appropriately. Investing money may not be the best option right now, especially if debt interest or expenses are too high. Remember that the DFPI is here with valuable information to help individuals balance their budgets, make smarter financial choices, and do their own research on the path to becoming investors.


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