Helping Investors Determine Their Financial Goals

Every Californian has their own reason to invest. Learning about an individual’s circumstances and values can help you better serve and guide them in setting their goals.


Promote Financial Literacy and Empowerment

Talking about investing helps promote financial literacy and access to resources to help underserved and under-resourced communities overcome economic challenges and build generational wealth. Empower your community with free online financial courses. Encourage them to register and start learning today!


Build Generational Wealth

Investing can have a generational impact. When community members practice healthy financial habits, they can pass these skills on to future generations. This is especially important for those in California’s lower-income and immigrant communities, as it helps bridge wealth gaps and creates economic mobility. Learn more about how to build generational wealth.


Reduce Financial Vulnerability

Diversifying sources of income through investments can provide a buffer against economic uncertainties. It can also help Californians not rely solely on income from work.

Foster Local Economic Growth

A community that understands and engages in safe and long-term investing can contribute to its overall economic growth. Individuals building wealth are more likely to support local economies, create job opportunities, and contribute to their community’s prosperity. This contributes to a community’s local economy and can lead to positive change. Take a look at how local investing can benefit your community.

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