How Do I File A Complaint Against A Mortgage Banker, Finance Company, Mortgage Loan Originator, Escrow Company, Payday Lender Or Check Seller?

You may only file a complaint against one of the above companies or mortgage loan originators if they are licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. In order to determine if a company is licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation you may call us or search through the Licensee Listing.  In order to determine if a mortgage loan originator is licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation please review the NMLS Consumer Access website.

The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation’s toll-free telephone number for determining license status is (866) 275-2677. You may call this number to discuss your problem and determine if your concern is an issue over which the Department has jurisdiction. Once it is determined that your complaint falls within our jurisdiction, a complaint form will be sent to you, or you may download the complaint form from our website. When we receive the completed form, we contact the company and request the information and documents needed to complete an independent review of the complaint. The Department also requires the licensee involved to investigate and respond to both you and the Department regarding the concerns raised in the complaint.

Please keep in mind that as an administrative agency, the Department’s authority is limited. We cannot litigate on your behalf, or act as your attorney. If the circumstances of your complaint require legal action, you may wish to consult an attorney. If the matter already involves litigation, the Department will generally not issue a letter of findings to you. However, the complaint will be reviewed on a confidential basis and any appropriate action will be taken.

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Last updated: Oct 31, 2019 @ 12:05 pm