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How to File a Complaint with the DFPI

Filing a complaint with the DFPI helps in effectively addressing your financial grievances by facilitating communication with the relevant institution, and also assists in protecting other consumers by identifying patterns of misconduct, thus promoting fair business practices.

May 2023 Monthly Bulletin

  • DFPI Review of Silicon Valley Bank Oversight and Regulation
  • DFPI Takes Possession of First Republic Bank
  • DFPI Takes Action Against AI Investment Scams

Private and For-Profit College Financing Scams

Learn about private postsecondary education financing, common scams, and borrower rights, as well as resources for avoiding scams and how to file a complaint with the DFPI. Safeguard your education and financial future.

Embracing Sustainable Investment Practices with ESG Investing

Embrace sustainable investment practices with ESG investing, focusing on environmental, social, and governance factors. Learn how to get started, avoid common mistakes, and seek professional guidance to align your investments with your values.

Navigating College Financing

Explore different options for financing your college education, including work-study programs, family assistance, college savings plans, scholarships, grants, military and community service, student loans, income share agreements, and more. Understand the responsibilities and risks associated with different financing options and seek help from the DFPI for questions or complaints regarding student loan providers.

AI Investment Scams are Here, and You’re the Target!

AI investment scams are rising, exploiting the hype around artificial intelligence to trick investors. Fraudsters use AI-generated content and voice cloning to deceive, promoting fake opportunities on online platforms. Protect yourself by being cautious with AI-based investments, avoiding Ponzi and pyramid schemes, and verifying the legitimacy of financial service providers through the DFPI.

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Last updated: Jan 26, 2023 @ 11:47 am