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Consumer Advisories

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Crypto Assets

The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation has issued the following consumer alerts for companies that may be engaging in unlicensed activity and/or falsely advertising crypto asset products and services. Please exercise extreme caution before engaging with any solicitation offering investment or financial services related to crypto assets.

Tax Preparation Consumer Advisory (2016)

Tax Season is in full swing. Taxpayers should take steps to protect themselves against a variety of hazards as they prepare and file their tax returns. Tax Preparation Fees: Avoid Hidden Fees and Overcharges The fees charged by tax preparation firms often are poorly...

Small Business Advisory: Crowdfunding (2016)

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, a series of legislative provisions intended to facilitate capital formation in the United States, was signed into law in 2012. This legislation included the CROWDFUND Act, which made significant changes to current...

Crowdfunding – Investors (2016)

The Internet has become an inexpensive and easy way for individuals and businesses to raise money. In 2012, Congress passed the JOBS Act, which directed the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to formulate rules to exempt equity crowdfunding from the securities...

Know your Lender (2016)

To protect themselves against scam artists and abusive, illegal fees, it’s important for consumers to ensure they’re dealing with reputable and licensed lenders. When they come across loan solicitations in the mailbox, email or on the Web, they should study them with...

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