Asset Escrow Services

Notice to Potential Claimants of Asset Escrow Services

The Commissioner of the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation Appoints a Conservator for Asset Escrow Services. By an order dated October 15, 2007, the Department appointed Carol A. Stokes, Escrow Specialist in the Financial Services Division of the Division of Corporations as Conservator of Asset Escrow Services, Inc.  This action was taken when it was learned that the closing of the company was not being handled properly.

The Department is sensitive to the needs of claimants and is working diligently to identify those that are owed trust funds in order to return funds to claimants.  Those who believe that their funds are being held by the company or are holding valid, trust account checks that have not been paid should read the attached claim letter [PDF] and complete the attached claim form [PDF].

Please direct all future correspondence to the Conservator at:

Department of Financial Protection and Innovation
Carol A. Stokes, Conservator
320 W. 4th Street, Suite 750
Los Angeles, CA  90013

E-mail address:

The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation’ Consumer Services Office at 866-275-2677.

Claim Letter [PDF]
Claim Form [PDF]