Division of Consumer Financial Protection

Focusing on Consumers and New Financial Products and Services

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Suzanne Martindale
Senior Deputy Commissioner Division of Consumer Financial Protection

Created with the passage of the California Consumer Financial Protection Law, the Consumer Financial Protection Division oversees providers of financial products and services previously unregulated by the Department, such as early wage access companies, debt collectors, debt relief companies, and more. The Division’s market research team will help the Department keep up with industry trends, spot and respond to troubling behavior, and better protect consumers.

Student Loans

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The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) regulates student loan servicers operating in California. We also provide information about student borrowers’ rights and resources to help borrowers advocate for themselves.

Debt Collection

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The DFPI provides oversight of California consumer debt collection practices to protect consumers and create a level-playing field in the marketplace. We also offer resources for consumers looking to better understand their rights.

California Consumer Financial Protection Law

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The California Consumer Financial Protection Law (CCFPL) expands our oversight to include financial activity previously unregulated by the DFPI so we can better protect California consumers and foster responsible innovation.

Laws and Regulations

The Debt Collection Licensing Act helps to better protect consumers and create a level-level playing field for industry. The law was passed and signed into law in 2021 and takes effect on Jan. 1, 2022.

The Student Loan Servicing Act established state standards to ensure consistent, fair, and quality servicing for the more than 4 million Californians who have student loans. It was passed and signed into law in 2016.

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Last updated: Mar 1, 2023 @ 1:30 pm