Derivium Capital, LLC

License or Case Number: Sacramento Case #: 02AS05849

Date of Initial Action: 09/25/02

Defendants: Derivium Capital, LLC; First Securities Capital, LLC; FSC First Securities Capital, LLC; Diversified Design Associates; Dr. Charles Cathcart; FSC First Securities Capital; Scott Cathcart; Yuri Debevc; Bancroft Ventures Limited;


  • Settlement Agreement (PDF) & Stipulation for Entry of Permanent Injunction against Charles Cathcart, Scott Cathcart & Yuri Debevc
  • Judgment (PDF) After Trail for Civil Penalties & Permanent Injunction against Bancroft Ventures Limited
  • Order (PDF) Granting Permanent Injunction against Charles Cathcart, Scott Cathcart and Yuri Debevc
  • Stipulation (PDF) to Entry of Judgment for Civil Penalties and Permanent Injunction Against Derivium Capital LLC Pursuant to Settlement
  • Complaint (PDF)

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