Consumer Connection Newsletter

August 2023 DFPI Consumer Connection

  • Watch Out for Crypto Affinity Fraud
  • What’s in Your Wallet? Tips for Keeping Digital Assets Safe
  • Personal Finance for Couples: Managing Joint Finances

June 2023 DFPI Consumer Connection

  • Homebuyers Guide to Navigating a Sellers’ Market
  • Annual Report of Activity Under the California Consumer Financial Protection Law
  • Smart Ways to Save for Large Purchases

April 2023 DFPI Consumer Connection

  • Navigating College Financing
  • Private and For-Profit College Financing Scams
  • Embracing Sustainable Investment Practices with ESG Investing

March 2023 DFPI Consumer Connection

  • Consumer Financial Education Webinar Series
  • Filing Taxes Key to Overall Financial Wellness
  • Don’t Fall Victim to Student Loan Debt Relief Scams

February 2023 DFPI Consumer Connection

  • Student Loan Debt: A Disproportionate Burden on Black and Latino Borrowers
  • Protect Your Heart and Your Wallet from Romance Scams
  • Medical Debt Collection – Know Your Rights & Medical Debt

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