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Subject Order Issued Date Issued
O.L.D., Incorporated Desist & Refrain Order 04/28/06
Oak Street Mortgage, LLC Administrative Action 09/07/07
Oaktree Capital Corporation Administrative Action
See also Investment Adviser Firm Summary – CRD # 114075
Oak, Patrick (PDF) Desist & Refrain Order 05/24/12
Oakland, Rourke Administrative Action 06/13/18
Oakmont, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 05/11/09
Oasis Legal Finance, LLC Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #6039501
Oasis Lending Corporation Administrative Action 03/18/11
Obadan, Gabriel Desist & Refrain Order 12/15/06
Obsidian Financial Services, Inc. Administrative Action 05/25/17
O’Boyle, Lawrence Desist & Refrain Order;
See also Settlement Agreement
O’Brien, Justin; (PDF) Desist & Refrain Order 02/11/05
O’Brien, Justin; (PDF) Desist & Refrain Order 01/11/05
O’Brien, Mariah (PDF) Desist & Refrain Order 05/02/12
O’Neil, Brian Administrative Action 10/10/14
O’Connell, Kevin Patrick Administrative Action 08/11/16
OC Health Enterprises, Inc. dba B&B Collective Administrative Action 09/10/18
OC Senior Care, Inc. Administrative Action 08/06/15
Oceans Capital Network Administrative Action; See also  FSD licensee listing # 603I909 12/27/17
Oceanside Funding Corp. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #4131189
Ocean West Enterprises, Inc. Administrative Action 11/01/05
Ocean West Funding Administrative Action 11/01/05
Oceana Media Finance, LLC Administrative Action 08/11/10
Ochalek, John Desist & Refrain Order 09/17/07
Octoclean Franchising Systems, Inc.  Administrative Order 01/25/12
O’Connor, Richard F. Desist & Refrain Order 01/31/03
Ocwen Business Solutions, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #413-0544 and # 603-D827
Ocwen Financial Solutions, Private Limited Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #413-0544 and # 603-D827
Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #413-0544 and # 603-D827
Oden, Deon Anthony Administrative Action
See also NMLS licensee listing # 7789
Odyssey SFX, Ltd. Desist & Refrain Order 04/24/08
Oficina de Prestamos aka Prestamos y Inversiones, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 10/25/13
OFIR Mine Project, LP. Administrative Action 06/20/12
Offshore Financial Solutions. Desist & Refrain Order (see Order Withdrawing D&R for Wiseman & Burke) 06/17/11
Official Payments Corporation. Administrative Action 04/21/15
OFV, Inc. Civil Action 07/28/08
Ogunbase, Yemi Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision OAH No. L2006010092 (PDF)
Ohana International, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 01/03/05
Oil Options Hotline, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 07/21/16
Oil & Energy Investment Report Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 07/21/16
Okatabetz, Chi S. Administrative Action 12/22/06
O’Keefe, Lawrence Desist & Refrain Order, see also Rancho de Andallusia Vineyard & Winery, LLC (PDF) 10/25/07
O’Keefe – Wedertz Enterprises, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 10/25/07
O’Keven, LLC. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #603-K264
Ola, Robert Hassan Desist & Refrain Order 06/26/07
Ola’s Exotic Coffee and Tea, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 06/26/07
Old Town Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 10/06/09
Olds, Dennis L. Desist & Refrain Order 07/06/05
Olivan, Diana LaRae Administrative Action 03/20/15
Olivas, Colleen Marie Administrative Order
See also, NMLS listing #379721
Olivas Sr., Robert Anthony Administrative Order
See also, NMLS listing #271447
Olive Finance Group Desist & Refrain Order 01/06/12
Olive Hill Investments, Inc. Administrative Action
See also CFL Licensee Listing # 60DBO-56624
Olive, Richard K. Desist & Refrain Order 07/09/07
Oliveira, Stephen Michael Administrative Action 09/23/16
Olivia Lizzette Aceves Administrative Action 09/27/17
Olivo, Benilda Desist & Refrain Order 07/28/05
Olsen, Dan Administrative Action 12/07/15
Olsen, Dirk Administrative Action 05/23/17
Olvera, David Desist & Refrain Order 07/21/09
Olympia Mortgage Corp Administrative Action 03/15/05
OlympiaWest Mortgage Group, LLC Administrative Action 04/01/08
Olympic Check Cashing Administrative Action *05/15/07
O’Leary, Robert “Bob” Eugene Desist & Refrain Order 06/24/11
OMC Funding Corporations Administrative Action 10/26/11
OMC Mortgage Corp Administrative Action 05/12/10
Omega Capital Management, Inc.  Administrative Order 10/12/10
Omega Escrow Corporation Administrative Order 01/22/13
Omega Financial Administrative Action 05/01/07
Omega Investment Group, Inc. Administrative Action 05/03/10
Omenicus Properties, LLC (PDF) Desist & Refrain Order 04/21/05
Omnicron Group, LLC (The) Desist & Refrain Order 05/17/10
Omniqur, Inc. aka Omni Stone Capital, Inc. Administrative Action 09/16/15
On Legal Grounds, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 12/01/06
On Line Funding Administrative Action 11/07/06
On Line Funding; Lauri Lampkin;
Sheila Johnson
Desist & Refrain Order 08/01/11
Online Advance
See also 247 Green Street (PDF)
Administrative Action 03/22/13
On The Go Software, Inc. Desist & Refrain Order 11/22/02
One Click Cash Civil Action 06/30/07
OneClick Cleaners, Inc. dba OneClick Cleaners Administrative Action 07/20/16
OneClick Commercial Funding LLC Administrative Action
See also CFL Licensee Listing # 60DBO-99053
OneMain Financial Group, LLC Administrative Action 12/18/19
One Empire, Inc. (PDF) Desist & Refrain Order 04/29/08
Online Advance Administrative Action 03/22/13
O’Neal, Andrew Civil Action 06/24/02
O’Neal, Anthony Civil Action 10/23/06
O’Neal, Sean Administrative Action 07/03/18
O’Neal, Sean Andrew Civil Action 06/24/02
O’Neill, Kerry J. Desist & Refrain Order 06/10/08 Desist & Refrain Order 06/22/06 Desist & Refrain Order 09/27/05
One Republic, Inc. Administrative Action 12/30/19
One Stop Escrow Desist & Refrain Order 10/14/08
OneSource Financial Group, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 11/15/06
Online Escrow Ltd. Desist & Refrain Order 03/22/02
Online Escrow Program Desist & Refrain Order 11/27/12 Desist & Refrain Order 12/07/04
Onlinescrow, Inc. Administrative Action 11/25/08
OnNet International Communications LLC Desist & Refrain Order 12/11/06
OnPoint Financial, LLC Administrative Action; See also FSD licensee listing # 60DBO-85991 04/03/19
Ontario Escrow Service, Inc. Administrative Action *12/13/05
Ontitle Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #9632706
Onward Mortgage Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #4150084
Onyx Capital Partners, LLC Desist & Refrain Order 06/15/06
Onyx Lending, LLC Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing # 4150085
OpenDoors Financing and Consulting Desist and Refrain Order; Order Voiding Transactions; and Citations 07/01/14
Opengate Loans Inc. Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #603J903
Open Mortgage, LLC Administrative Order
See also FSD Licensee Listing #417-0030
Opening Doors, Inc. Administrative Action
See also CFL Licensee Listing # 6071995
OpenRoad Lending, LLC Administrative Order
See also FSD Licensee Listing #603I315
Opes Capital Group, LLC Administrative Order 05/21/19
Opizzi, Alexandre Desist & Refrain Order; Withdrawal of Desist & Refrain Order 05/02/04
Opportunity Financial, LLC Administrative Action
See also FSD licensee listing #603K647
Opteum Financial Services, LLP Administrative Order 12/26/07
Optifi Lending Administrative Action 06/25/07
Option One Mortgage Corporation Administrative Order 08/14/08
Optima Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 10/03/07
Optimize Growth, Inc. Administrative Action 05/22/19
Optimum Financial Services, Inc. Administrative Action 04/21/10
Optimvest, LLC Administrative Action 10/20/09
Or, Darlene L. Administrative Action 08/29/07
Oracle Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision OAH No. 2008100384
Orange Circle International, LLC. Administrative Action 05/09/18
Orange Coast Funding Administrative Action 05/12/10
Orange Coast Winery, LLC Administrative Action 11/16/20
Orange County Escrow, Inc. Administrative Order
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision OAH No: L2008010601
Orange Crest Realty, Inc. aka Orange Crest Realty Corporation Desist & Refrain Order 09/10/08
Orange Rocket, LLC Administrative Action *10/02/06
Orangewood Escrow Company Administrative Action 04/06/10
Orcutt, William Peter Desist & Refrain Order 03/24/06
Order Express, Inc. Administrative Action 07/21/09
Oregel, Ernesto Marcial Desist & Refrain Order 12/04/04
Oregel, Ernie Desist & Refrain Order 12/04/04
Orenco Management LLC Administrative Action 12/30/19
O’Reilly, Dan Desist & Refrain Order 03/13/06
O’Reilly, Michael Daniel Desist & Refrain Order 03/13/06
Oriel, Roger Desist & Refrain Order 07/24/04
Original World Wide Debt Payment Club Desist & Refrain Order 05/31/02
O’Rourke, Daniel M. Desist & Refrain Order 03/19/14
Orion Ventures Ltd. Desist & Refrain Order 08/03/05
Orozco, Abel Administrative Actions 04/101/09
Orozco, Athala Administrative Actions 04/101/09
Orlando Amador Administrative Action 05/12/10
Orleman, Jerry Desist & Refrain Order 01/21/05
Orlemann, Jerome Desist & Refrain Order 01/21/05
Ortega, Armando Administrative Action 03/18/11
Ortega Mortgage Administrative Action 03/18/11
Ortiz Financial Services Administrative Action 05/12/10
Ortiz, Noemelita G. Administrative Action 11/30/07
Ortiz, Pedro Desist & Refrain Order 12/11/06
Osaki, Larry Toshio Desist & Refrain Order 02/14/02
Osaki, Mary E. Desist & Refrain Order 02/14/02
Osborne, Edson H. Desist & Refrain Order 04/12/03
Osborne, Ted Desist & Refrain Order 04/12/03
Oshidary, Farang Administrative Action 10/14/10
Otago Development Corp. Administrative Action 05/01/09
Ottimo, Anthony Administrative Action 12/18/15
Ottno Inc. Administrative Action
See also CFL Licensee Listing # 603K629
Our Community Mortgage Administrative Action 05/01/09
Outersphere LLC Desist & Refrain Order 05/21/08
Outlook Escrow, Inc. Administrative Action 06/03/11
Overton, Charles Desist & Refrain Order 01/30/15
Overturf, Hansueli aka Overturf, Hans Administrative Action 08/17/11
Overturf Financial Services, Inc. Administrative Action 07/18/16
Ovsepyan, Garen Administrative Action 08/05/16
Owen, John Desist & Refrain Order 06/27/06
Owens, Harrison Administrative Action
See also Office of Administrative Law Decision OAH No. 2008070340
Ownit Mortgage Solution (CRMLA) Administration Action 09/14/07
Ownit Mortgage Solution (CFL) Administration Order 05/1/09
Oxford Financial Group, Inc. Desist & Refrain and Stipulation 11/18/11
OXXO Care Cleaners Administration Action 05/02/18
OYO Hotels LLC; OYO Hotels Inc.; OYO Rooms and Technology LLC Administration Action 03/05/20
Oz Gram Investment, Inc. Administration Action
See also CFL Licensee Listing # 60DBO-74668
Ozimira Corporation Administration Action
See also CFL Licensee Listing # 60DBO-96904
OZ3D LLC. Desist & Refrain Order 04/08/09

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