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Think outside of the box, but inside the rules.

At the Office of Financial Technology Innovation, we help FinTech businesses grow and develop in ways that are both responsible and responsive. We help industry understand DFPI expectations.

Our doors (and ears) are open. Come talk to us!

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We have virtual Office Hours every Tuesday from 9 – 10 AM Pacific. Ask us anything! Just register in advance


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Explore how we are a resource to California’s financial tech innovators, entrepreneurs, and consumers.


We want to listen to you and learn from you.
Ongoing dialogue with innovators is essential to creating the transparent and consistent business environment we all want.

Christina Tetreault, Deputy Commissioner, OFTI

OFTI’s tips for success

While we can’t guarantee your success, we are eager to hear what you are trying to achieve and to share DFPI resources.


Q: What does OFTI do?

We support responsible financial innovation in California by engaging with stakeholders, conducting research into emerging products to identify opportunities and risks, and sharing our findings. If you are a licensee or potential licensee, advocate, or are otherwise interested in financial innovation, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us at

Q: How do I request a meeting?

Contact our office via the contact form, or by sending an email to We are happy to meet with you virtually or in person at our San Francisco offices. We plan to do regional visits! Let us know if you’d like us to come to your area.

Q: Does OFTI make rules?

We don’t. To learn more about the Department’s rulemaking process, visit:

Meet The OFTI Team

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Belinda Alcala


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Eva Mireku


photo of Christina Tetreault

Christina Tetreault

Deputy Commissioner

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Senior Counsel

OFTI Services

We help fintech business grow and develop by forging connections, facilitating collaboration, and coordinating resources.

Regulatory guidance and support

OFTI helps fintech entrepreneurs navigate the complex regulatory environment by hearing their issues and connecting them with department resources.

Coordination and Outreach

OFTI serves as a coordination point for fintech-related issues and initiates outreach with various stakeholders.

Regulatory Collaboration

OFTI collaborates with other regulators on matters related to fintech to ensure a coordinated and consistent approach to regulation.

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