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Did you know that Californians with student loans have a bill of right?
A lady is looking forward and words of when your dreams in life meet student debt reality. We are here to help.

Learn how you can manage your student loan repayments. We’re here to help.

Confused about Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) plans? Wondering if you qualify for loan forgiveness? We’ve got answers to your student loan questions

Learn more about and explore your student loan repayment plan options.

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Know Your LOAN

To take control of your loan, begin with the basics: Set up and log in to your account at so you can find out who services your loan, what your balance is, and other key information.


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Know Your RIGHTS

California now has a Student Borrower Bill of Rights that protects you in your dealings with loan servicers. Learn about the information and service lenders are required to give you, and how DFPI can help if you think your rights have been violated.


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Repayment plans. Loan consolidation. Public service loan forgiveness. Whether you’re trying to get out of default or just want to be sure you’re paying only what you have to, know your options to minimize the impact your loans have on your life.


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Check to see if you’re eligible


This Help Tool from the Office of the U.S. Department of Education helps determine whether you work for a qualifying employer, suggests actions you can take to become eligible for PSLF, and guides you through the form and submission process.


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Learn more about PSLF in our Student Loan FAQs

DFPI is the consumer watchdog for Californians with student loans.

Whether you need to stay on track, or get back on it, we’ve got knowledge and expertise that can help.

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