Protect Yourself From Fraud by Making Smart Financial Choices

Protect Yourself from Fraud booklet

The DFPI is committed to safeguarding California’s financial marketplace and empowering consumers with financial education and resources. 

This publication is designed to help you identify fraud, avoid scams, safeguard personal and financial data, and know your rights. It also contains valuable tips on doing your own research and how you can get help from the DFPI. Think of this as a helpful starting point in your financial decision-making. 

Currently available in English, stay tuned as we prepare to launch versions in Spanish and other languages. Download your digital copy now to stay informed and protect yourself.

Are you a nonprofit, community-based organization, or government agency?

Equip your organization with a valuable resource to help individuals identify fraud, avoid scams, and safeguard personal and financial information. By distributing this booklet, you’re not just providing information — you’re actively contributing to the financial well-being and security of the community you serve.

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Last updated: Jan 16, 2024 @ 1:33 am