November 27, 1984
Re: Liquidation of ________
Pursuant to Financial Code Section 3150 and I588
Dear Mr. ________:
This is in reference to your letter of October 24, 1984 in connection with the proposed winding up and dissolution of ________ (“Trust company”).
This is to acknowledge receipt on October 25, 1984 of the notice required under Financial Code Section 3150 in the form of your letter dated October 24, l9S4 and attached schedule. No approval of the Superintendent is required in order for Trust Company to commence the winding up, dissolution and liquidation of its affairs, however, pursuant to your request this is written confirmation of my oral advice to you of October 24, 1984 that the Superintendent does not object to Trust Company commencing the winding up, dissolution, and liquidation of its affairs in accordance with the Time and Responsibility Schedule attached to your letter of October 24, 1984. Our understanding is that Trust Company presently has no trust assets or trust business.
This is also to confirm my request that copies of relevant documents such as the written consent of shareholder to the liquidation and the Certificate of Election be filed with the State Banking Department to allow us to monitor the progress of the winding up and dissolution. Please note that Trust Company is expected to comply with Financial Code Section 1588 as well as Financial Code Section 3150.
Please contact us should you have any further questions in regards to this matter.
Very truly yours,
Superintendent of Banks

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