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Re-establishing Microsoft encryption e-mail service account when receiving encrypted e-mail from the Department of Business Oversight (DBO)

DBO DFI Licensee,

The State of California’s email service was recently modified with new Microsoft email filtering software. As a result of this change, Department of Business Oversight (DBO) licensees who receive encrypted emails must register or re-register for a new Microsoft Encryption Email Service Account in order to open encrypted emails from DBO staff. No action on your part is required until you receive an email from DBO that says “You’ve received an encrypted message from” a DBO email address.

Instructions on how to register or re-register a new Microsoft Encryption Email Service Account have been provided as an attachment to this email.

Thank you for your attention regarding this matter and please contact Consumer Services (866-275-2677) or by email at, if you have any questions.

Department of Business Oversight