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Department of Business Oversight Urges Licensees to Appropriate Latitude to Customers Affected by Napa Earthquake

Commissioner Jan Lynn Owen urges Department of Business Oversight licensees to grant appropriate latitude to customers affected by the severe damage resulting from the Napa earthquake. Because of the earthquake damage and the widespread effect it will have on the economy in these counties, the Commissioner encourages the Department’s licensees to work with customers in dealing with the economic hardships of this disaster.

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. issued an emergency proclamation on August 24, 2014 for the following counties: Napa, Solano and Sonoma due to the effects of a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in Napa Valley and continued aftershocks that have damaged critical infrastructure, homes and other structures and caused fires and the closure of roads and highways. The emergency declaration followed a statement issued by Governor Brown. Full text of the emergency proclamation.

The Department of Business Oversight will continue to monitor the situation in the Napa regional area closely.