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False Solicitation about Leland Energy Settlement

Feb 18, 2015

The DBO has become aware that past investors in Leland Energy are being solicited by a purported New York State-licensed attorney claiming to have been hired by the State of California to contact them regarding $6.5 million in funds he claims to hold from the State’s 2012 settlement with Leland. For a fee, this person claims he will release those funds to the investor/victims. The DBO settled its case with Leland in January 2012, and Leland agreed, pursuant to the settlement, to directly repay certain California victims on a pro rata basis. The state has not retained an attorney to disburse funds to investors and has no settlement funds to disburse to investors. Anyone contacted by a person or persons claiming to represent the Department in this matter should contact their home-state securities regulator or local law enforcement.