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Credit Union Smishing Scam

Apr 25, 2024

Coast Central Credit Union (CCCU) has advised the DFPI that their call center has received numerous calls from members and non-members indicating that they received fraudulent SMS text messages that purport to be from CCCU. It is believed that they are being sent to 707 area code numbers in hopes of getting clicks or calls.

All the URLs are from the inet2 domain with .org TLD extension. Examples:,,, and Notice also that these sites are not secure so there is no certificate being sent.

CCCU is definitely seeing its members experiencing fraud and there are financial losses associated with this smishing campaign.

You can avoid becoming a victim of a smishing attack by following a few simple steps don’t click on links or call telephone numbers of unknown senders; don’t follow urgent instructions to visit a website; don’t give out your personal information, such as passwords or account numbers, and contact your financial institution if you mistakenly respond to a smishing message.

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Last updated: Apr 25, 2024 @ 12:20 pm