260.103. Exemption from Qualification of Recapitalizations and Reorganizations

  1. (a) Pursuant to the authority contained in Section 25105 of the Code, the following transactions are exempted from the provisions of Section 25120 of the Code as not being comprehended within the purposes of the Corporate Securities Law of 1968 and the qualification of which is not necessary or appropriate in the public interest or for the protection of investors:
    1. (1) Any change in the rights, preferences, privileges, or restrictions of or on outstanding securities, and any exchange of securities by the issuer with its existing security holders exclusively, if the transaction, had it involved the issuance of a new security containing the changed rights, preferences, privileges, or restrictions, or a new issuance of the exchange security, would have been exempt from the provisions of Section 25110 of the Code by any of the subdivisions of Section 25102 of the Code Section 260.105.14 of these rules; and
    2. (2) Any exchange of securities in connection with any merger or consolidation or sale of corporate assets in consideration wholly or in part of the issuance of securities under, or pursuant to, a plan of reorganization or arrangement which, pursuant to the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, has been confirmed or is subject to confirmation by the decree or order of a court of competent jurisdiction.
  2. (b) A transaction conducted under this rule by reason of the provisions of subdivisions (f), (h) or (n) of Section 25102 requires the issuer to file the notice prescribed thereunder (see Rules 260.102.8, 260.102.14, and 260.102.16).

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