How to look up licensees and those debt collectors allowed to do business in CA.

Per the Debt Collector Licensing Act some applicants are allowed to do business while they are waiting to be denied or approved. Depending on their status as either approved or pending there are two ways to look them up.

Licensed Debt Collectors

As applicants are approved consumers can look up and verify our licensed servicers’ telephone number, email address, and website information through the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) Consumer Access (

Pending Applicants

Below is a list of the Debt Collector Applicants that are allowed to continue to conduct business while their application is being reviewed. This list only includes the pending applications where the business is allowed to conduct business while they are waiting to be approved or denied. There could be additional pending applications. If you have been contacted by a debt collector and they are not on the following list, please contact us at or submit a complaint.

Buckeye Check Cashing of California, LLCDublinOHUSA
CCCA Holdings, LLCClevelandTNUSA
CCFI Funding, LLCDublinOHUSA
Couchot, Nicholas, StephenLos Angeles, CaliforniaCAUSA
Fig Loans Texas LLCSugar LandTXUSA
LBP Servicing, LLCClevelandTNUSA
Smith, Barry, ArnoldLos AngelesCAUSA
Tata Consultancy Services (Philippines) Inc.Taguig CityPHL
Zendable, LLCZableNew YorkNYUSA

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Last updated: May 21, 2024 @ 10:38 am