Ameriquest Mortgage Company

License or Case Number: Alameda Case #: RG06260804

Date of Initial Action: 03/21/06

Defendants/Respondents: Ameriquest Mortgage Company, a Delaware corporation; ACC Capital Holdings Corporation, a Delaware corporation; Town and Country Credit Corporation, a Delaware corporation; and AMC Mortgage Services, Inc., formerly knows as Bedford Home Loans, a Delaware corporation


  • Complaint for Injunctive Relief, Restitution, and Relief Pursuant to Sections 17206 and 17536 of the Business and Professions Code
  • Permanent Injunction and Final Judgment
  • Stipulation for Entry of Permanent Injunction and Final Judgment and [Proposed] Order
  • Information Web Site for the Ameriquest Multistate Settlement (site no longer in service) – Ameriquest Mortgage Company Settlement Information Web Page is maintained by the Ameriquest Settlement Administrator and provides information about California’s and the States’ January 2006 settlement with Ameriquest Mortgage Company (the “Settlement”). You will find Frequently Asked Questions and a copy of the Settlement Agreement. The web site will also provide information on who may be eligible to receive restitution payments.

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