Securities Regulation

The Securities Regulation Division (SRD) is under the Legal Division. SRD is headed by an Assistant Chief Counsel and is responsible for the qualification of the offer and sale of securities, pursuant to the Corporate Securities Law of 1968. SRD also qualifies outstanding securities for secondary market transactions that are not traded on an exempt exchange or marketplace. Finally, SRD is responsible for administration of the Franchise Investment Law under which the offer and sale of franchises are registered.

SRD examines and analyzes various types of filings, including: applications for qualification; notices of exemption; consents to transfer legended securities; and the approval of repurchase offers pursuant to the Corporate Securities Law of 1968. Applications for the registration of the offer and sale of franchises pursuant to the Franchise Investment Law are also examined.

SRD refers matters to the Enforcement Division (ENF) for appropriate administrative, civil or criminal action. SRD works with ENF in the conduct of investigations and proceedings related to the qualification of securities and the registration of franchises.

SRD also works with the rest of the Legal Division in regard to rulemaking, releases, legislation, and interpretative opinions.

SRD Information


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Last updated: Sep 24, 2021 @ 3:14 pm