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Protect Yourself from Fraud booklet

Protect Yourself from Fraud Booklet

With the continuous evolution of financial technology and interconnected monetary systems, the risk of falling victim to financial scams and fraud has never been higher. This booklet serves as your trusted companion in navigating the intricate landscape of financial security. Packed with information, insights, practical tips, and resources, this booklet empowers you to fortify your defenses against fraudsters while helping you safeguard and build wealth.

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DFPI's Protect Yourself from Fraud booklet (PDF - English)

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About the DFPI brochure

About the DFPI brochure

The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) protects consumers and fosters trust by regulating companies and individuals offering financial products and services. With this brochure, you can learn more about the DFPI, our locations, how to contact us, the various industries we oversee or license, and more!

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• DFPI's Protect Yourself from Fraud booklet (PDF - English)

• Acerca el Departamento de Protección e Innovación Financiera de California  (PDF - Spanish)

DFPI What You Need to Know About Payday Loans brochure

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