Escrow Law

The Escrow Law is contained in Division 6 (commencing with Section 17000) of the California Financial Code . The regulations are contained in Subchapter 9, Title 10, California Code of Regulations commencing with Section 1700 (10 C.C.R. § 1700, et seq.).

The Escrow Law protects members of the public who entrust their money or other assets to independent escrow agents in California. Escrow agents, joint control agents and Internet escrow agents are subject to the provisions of the Escrow Law.

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  • 3/3/23 – The next Escrow Law Advisory Committee meeting will be on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. PST. The meeting will be held at the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation’s Los Angeles office located at 320 West 4th Street, 7th floor conference room. Meeting may also be attended online at the following link:

    Meeting ID: 262 033 233 830

    Passcode: 4kYSZS

    Please contact Special Administrator Paul Liang in the Los Angeles office at (213) 576-7535 if you have any questions. The AGENDA for the March 14, 2023 meeting (PDF) and the MINUTES for the December 20, 2022 meeting (PDF) are available.

  • 3/3/2023 – There is one opening on the Escrow Advisory Committee for a representative for companies that has other ownership, such as companies owned by a real estate broker or title company. This opening will fill a vacant position’s two-year term ending in August 2024.

    The Committee is established in Financial Code Section 17214. The Committee’s purpose, as designated in statute, is to assist the Commissioner in the implementation of the Commissioner’s duties under the Escrow Law. The Committee is comprised of eleven members, including the Commissioner or the Commissioner’s designee. The Commissioner appoints the Committee members, other than those representing Escrow Institute of California and Escrow Agents’ Fidelity Corporation. The Committee meets quarterly at the Department’s office. The next meeting is scheduled on March 14, 2023.

    If you qualify for the above opening position, you are encouraged to apply by sending a letter of qualifications and/or resume to the attention of Paul Liang, Special Administrator at 320 West 4th Street, Suite 750, Los Angeles, California 90013. The deadline for submissions is on March 31, 2023. Should you have any questions, please contact Paul Liang at (213) 576-7535 or

Licensee Information

Publications and Forms

Laws and Regulations

Service Portal DOCQNET

Logo for DFPI Self - Service Portal DOCQNET

Licensee Resources Companies licensed under the California Finance Lenders Law, California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law, and Escrow Law, may access the Self-Service DOCQNET Portal to submit applications for licensure, view the status of applications, submit annual report information, and update contact information.

Securities (Escrow Law) Forms

Department of Financial Protection and Innovation is pleased to provide links to the following forms listed below. To find which is the proper office to file your application and or notice, please refer to Commissioner’s Release 13-G (Revised) (PDF)

The table below contains a list of Securities (Escrow Law) Forms
Form Number Form Title Format
DFPI-512 SIQ Statement Of Identity & Questionnaire PDF
DFPI-EL 8018 Request for Live Scan Service – Applicant Submission PDF
DFPI-EL 301 Application for License under the Escrow Law PDF
DFPI-EL 301A General Information regarding the Application for Escrow Agents, Joint Control, and/or Internet Escrow Agents License PDF
DFPI-EL 302 Application for a License to Establish a Branch Office PDF

Bond of Escrow Licensee  and Instructions for Completion of Surety Bond Form

Notice to Escrow Applicants and Licensees New Escrow Surety Bond Form Requirements Effective January 1, 2014

DFPI-EL 303A Bond of Escrow Agent (For Fidelity Bond Deductible) PDF
DFPI-EL 314 Instructions for Establishing Records and Accounts Pursuant to the Escrow Law PDF
DFPI-EL 315 California Escrow Law Audit Report PDF
DFPI-EL 321 Assignment To Commissioner of the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation PDF
DFPI-EL 321A Instructions for Deposit of Cash in Lieu of Surety Bond PDF
DFPI-EL 323A Time Certificate or Certificate of Deposit PDF
DFPI-EL 326 Application for Authorization to Change Ownership PDF
DFPI-EL 330 Escrow Agent Manager Questionnaire PDF
DFPI-EL 336 Subordination Agreement PDF
DFPI-EL 338 General Information on the Licensing and Regulation of Independent Escrow Agents PDF
DFPI-EL 339 Revised Notice of Fingerprint Processing Requirements Under the Escrow Law PDF
DFPI-EL 805 Consent to Service Process PDF
DFPI-EL 17213 Request for Consent to Transfer an Interest in an Escrow Agent’s License PDF
DFPI-EL 1726 Notice of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Employees or Other Persons Directly or Indirectly Compensated by Escrow Agents PDF
DFPI-EL-1726A Affidavit PDF
DFPI-EL 17419 Statement of Identity and Employment Application PDF
DFPI-ESC 17213.1 California Escrow Law Change of Address Form PDF
DFPI-LE 500.262 Customer Authorization of Disclosure of Financial Records PDF
DFPI-LF 596 Summary of Personnel PDF

NoteAdobe Reader 7.x or higher is required

Escrow Agents: Employee Disciplinary Actions

List of individuals that have been censured, suspended, or barred by the California Department of Corporations pursuant to Financial Code Section 17423 of the Escrow Law from January 1, 1991 to 2012. (PDF)

To check the name of an individual who may have been disciplined by the Department of Corporations under Financial Code section 17423 prior to January 1, 1991 please contact the Consumer Services Office toll free at 1-866-275-2677.

For further information of any of the Department’s actions noted, please contact the Consumer Services Office toll free at 1-866-275-2677. Also, please visit the California Department of Insurance and California Department of Real Estate databases for additional information.


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